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JQ 9 inch motor car balance of scooter

JQ 9 inch motor car balance of scooter
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    • JQ 9 inch motor car balance of scooter
    • JQ 9 inch motor car balance of scooter
    • JQ 9 inch motor car balance of scooter
    • JQ 9 inch motor car balance of scooter

Product Description


9 Inch 500W Brushless E-Bike Motor, Electric motorcycle, wheel hub motor

Wheel Size

9 inch (Depend on Your Demand)

Rated Speed(rpm)


Rated Current(A)

10.4 A

Rated Power(W)

500 W

Rated Voltage(V)

48 V

Max torque

25 N.m

Brake Type

No Brake

Weight (KG)

2.5 KG

Rated Efficiency (%)



Aluminium alloy (Depending on Your Demand)



Our 9 Inch 500W Brushless E-Bike Motor, Electric motorcycle, wheel hub motor characteristics

-Low noise

-Electricity saving

-High torque

-High strength

-High safety coefficient, high efficiency

-Long service life

-Not easy to be hot

-Big power

The hub motor is steadily emerging as the standard drive method for not just ebikes, but scooters, solar cars, and many other light electric vehicles. With a hub motor conversion, there is no need for external mounting brackets and drive chains to support a motor and transmission. Instead all of this is contained inside the wheel which mounts on your bike like any other wheel.

The direct drive hub motor is about as simple as things get. Imagine taking an electric motor, but holding the axle and letting the body of the motor spin. Now lace a bicycle rim onto this spinning motor body and there you have it, no moving parts other than the wheel itself.

Typically these are radial-flux Brushless DC (BLDC) machines that have an array of permanent magnets on the inside surface of the hub. The stator windings are attached to the axle, and the hub is made to rotate by alternating currents through these windings. In a DC hub motor, the magnets are on the axle, and the windings are actually spinning on the inside of the hub. A carbon brush transmits electricity to the spinning windings via a commutator plate.


Q: Before place an order, how can I choose?
A: Please specify the wheel diameter size, width, voltage, power and no-load speed of    
     the required wheel motor.
Q: Could I take samples to test quality and market in advance?
A: Yes, welcome to take samples to test our quality and service.
Q: What's the total cost for samples?
A: Total sample cost= sample cost + freight. We will give u the best shipping cost after    
     knowing the wheel size, battery needed or not.
Q: How do you ship samples?
A: Considering sample quantity is not big, we support ship samples by EMS, TNT or
     FedEx, fast and less damages.
Q: What's your minimum order quantity?
A: 100sets, one or two samples are ok.
Q: Could I use my own forwarder?
A: Yes
Q: I am new to international business, could you find an experienced forwarder to
     organize shipment for us?
A: Yes, we will assist and guild you to work out the shipping and import process.
Q: Is the sample same with formal orders?
A: Yes, sample's specification, performance, quality are totally same with formal orders.
Q: What's your delivery time?
A: For samples: within 7days; for orders: within 15days.

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