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JQ 16-inch 3000W electric motorcycle motor

JQ 16-inch 3000W electric motorcycle motor
    • JQ 16-inch 3000W electric  motorcycle motor
    • JQ 16-inch 3000W electric  motorcycle motor
    • JQ 16-inch 3000W electric  motorcycle motor
    • JQ 16-inch 3000W electric  motorcycle motor


JQ 16-inch 72/96V 1000-3000W electric motorcycle motor


No Load speedrpm520/550rpm
No Load CurrentA1.8
Brake style

Weight (KG) 13.7 KG

Mechanical efficiency (%) = 80%

Material iron wheel, aluminum alloy (can be customized according to demand)

Certified CCC, CE, ISO9001, Rohs

Product Features

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


This section of the motor using DDS intelligent electronic control system, is the new company's exclusive core technology, in 2013 with the Division I cooperation, common improvement, the system function is complete, stable and reliable performance, breaking the long-troubled electric car industry Technical bottleneck. Is by far the domestic and foreign electric vehicles in the latest technology products, but also the electric car industry, the second revolution. Access to the consumer's praise and recognition of the market.

In the future development, the company will be close to the market under the DDS system in the two-wheel electric vehicles, three electric vehicles in the practical application. Focus on accumulated experience, increase R & D investment, the use of DDS technical advantages and patent advantages, for the characteristics of four-wheel electric vehicle, developed in line with the standard electric vehicle DDS electronic control products.


Features 1: power, high output power, with high-power motor can achieve smooth mountain driving. Climb angle is greater than 35 °


Feature 2: Run far

              A dual-voltage: two groups of batteries through the "parallel and series conversion function" so that the battery power utilization greatly improved.

              B energy recovery function: braking and downhill, (especially in the mountains on the downhill), can fully recover the energy downhill, the battery charge. Mileage significantly increased. (Mountain range than the average controller increased by 30% or more) but also greatly reduce the mechanical brake wear.

              C fuel tank "function: When the battery power down to 10% or less, DDS management system will limit the upshift, to maintain a file can travel more than 10 km


Feature 3: DDS management system shift function

DDS management system provides a switch to change gears, key cycle change gear, brake back to a file, the stall memory recovery and "ejection starting" a total of five functional modes, the user can flexibly and easily switch back and forth between the three stalls, So that the motor function to the limit.


Feature 4: Energy feedback

Energy feedback is in the brakes, DDS management system automatically after the induction voltage of the motor superimposed step-by-step process of charging the battery.


Feature 5: Cruise (optional)

Press the button, and keep more than 3 seconds, DDS management system into the cruise mode, the electric car will automatically follow the current speed, only the brake or turn the handle to turn, to lift the cruise.


Features 6: anti-slide

In the ramp on the pinch brakes, DDS management system will produce a reverse torque on the motor to prevent the vehicle back slide.


Feature 7: Overload protection

When the electric vehicle is seriously overloaded, will start the overload protection to ensure the safe operation of vehicle system.


Features 8: charging hole short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection

             A parking, under the supervision of the DDS management system, the charge hole can only accept the current one-way input, the battery current will not output. So not only to prevent short-circuit of metal foreign body, but also to reject the polarity of the wrong charger.

             B Use a charger that matches the DDS management system. If you use other chargers forcibly, you may not be able to fully charge 100%.


Wheel motors are steadily becoming the standard driving method for not only electric bikes but also scooters, solar cars and many other light electric vehicles. With hub motor conversion, no external mounting brackets and drive chains are required to support the motor and transmission.

On the auspicious

Changzhou Jiqing electromechanical Co. Ltd. is a company with Japan's KM Electronics Corporation for technical cooperation in research, development and manufacture of electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, enterprise specialized in wheel motor intelligent car balance. The company covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters, construction area of over 12000 square meters, the traffic is convenient, from the Changzhou area 16km, from the Changzhou airport, Shanghai Chengdu expressway entrance is only 2.5 kilometers (G42).

Our annual production of brushless motor more than 300 units, of which 2 million sets of intelligent car motor, electric bicycle motor, electric friction machine more than 120 units. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, national security compulsory CCC certification and export CE certification. Motor products were rated as "quality products in Jiangsu province", the products are widely exported to Italy, Vietnam, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and with the vehicle exports to the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions of North America and eurasia.

In order to meet the requirements of enterprise development, our company established a branch in Shandong in March 2009 in Weifang, it covers an area of 12000 square meters, construction area of nearly 10000 square meters, motor annual production capacity of more than in 1 million. Our company was established in November 2014, "Tianjin Hengxin Jiqing electromechanical Co Ltd in Tianjin, covers an area of 8000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 1 million 200 thousand units; companies in order to more quickly with the market, service to consumers, the company was established in January 2016 in Guangdong Shenzhen Shajing District Office was established in June, overseas subsidiaries in Germany to Berlin Europe and the United States as the leading Middle East market radiation.

Our company to carry forward the "unity, innovation, integrity and pragmatic" spirit of enterprise, adhere to "quality of survival, to strict refinement, to seek sincere letter" principle, the implementation of humane management, wholeheartedly provides the high-quality service for the electric vehicle industry manufacturers, make a greater contribution to our country's green environmental protection.


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