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E-wheelchair power system JQ-A2-F

E-wheelchair power system JQ-A2-F
    • E-wheelchair power system JQ-A2-F
    • E-wheelchair power system JQ-A2-F

Intelligent control system: It adopts gyroscope intelligent balance control technology and double closed loop and double drive control. Real time monitoring of the ship's operation status to ensure that the wheelchair is not easy to roll over when encountering obstacles on the potholed road.

Power on self-test can automatically detect the integrity of the equipment. The Bluetooth remote control function can remotely control the walking of the wheelchair, and can also close the wheelchair.

The system has a black box function, which can be queried in the mobile phone APP when the vehicle has abnormal conditions.

APP can freely adjust and understand the running state of the car, which is suitable for different people's needs for the running state of the car (adjust the turning/driving sensitivity of the car, etc.).

It saves worry and effort, and it can be controlled flexibly, with real-time speed, power, direction and display control.


Brake control: intelligent brake, easy to control, responsive and safe.

Safety control: low battery warning, front and rear driving warning, buzzer warning.

Easy to push: no need to unlock, easy to push, pushing force is about 4.5kg.

Folding: easy to fold, easy to carry and happy to travel.



Motor: BLDC Gear Motor

Motor quality: 6kg/pcs

Rated voltage: 24V

Rated power: 200W

No-load current: < 0.8A

Running current: < 4A

Load: 110Kg

Climbing ability: ≤12°

Maximum torque: 60N.M

No-load speed: 200 ± 10rpm/min

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