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Why one hundred thousand motors


The safe operation of the generator to ensure the normal operation of the power system and power quality plays a decisive role, at the same time the generator itself is also a very valuable electrical components, therefore, should be different kinds of fault syndrome and abnormal operation state, installation of relay protection device perfect performance. Here to learn about the basic knowledge of generators!

In what is called motor?

A motor is a device which converts the electric energy of the battery into mechanical energy to drive the rotation of the wheel of the electric vehicle.

In what is called winding?

The armature winding is the core part of the DC motor, the coil of copper enameled wire winding. When the armature winding in the motor magnetic field will produce electromotive force.

In what field?

The force field around a permanent magnet or current and the extent to which the magnetic force can be achieved.

In what is called the magnetic field strength?

Carrying 1 amperes of current infinite wire magnetic field intensity in the distance is 1A/m meters away from the wire 1/2 (AMPS / m, the international system of units SI); in the CGS unit system (CGS), to commemorate the contribution of Oster to the definition of electromagnetism, carrying 1 amperes of current infinite wire magnetic field intensity in the distance 0.2 cm distance for 10e wire (Oster), 10e=1/4.103/m, magnetic field strength is usually expressed in H.

In what is called the Ampere rule?

Hold the wire with the right hand, so that the direction of the thumb straight with the current direction, then the direction of the four finger refers to the direction of the direction of the magnetic lines.

In what is called the flux?

The flux is also called flux: in a homogeneous magnetic field in a plane perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field, the magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic field is B, the plane area is S, we define the product of magnetic induction S and B area, called through the surface flux.

In what is the stator?

The part of the brush or brushless motor does not rotate when working. The shaft of the motor stator is called hub type brush or brushless motor, the motor can be called stator motor.

In what is the rotor?

A part of a brush or brushless motor when working. The outer shell of a hub type brushless or brushless motor is called a rotor.

In what is called a brush?

Brush motor inside the top surface in phase converter, when the rotation of the motor, the power through the transmission to the phase rotator coil, as its main ingredient is carbon, known as carbon brush, it is easy to wear. Should be regularly maintained to replace and clean up carbon deposits

In what is the brush?

In the brush motor inside the dress and keep the brush position mechanical guide groove.

In what is a phase changer?

Brush motor, a strip of metal surface are mutually insulated, rotating with the motor rotor, positive and negative strip metal alternate contact brush pole, alternate motor coil current direction, complete phase change brush motor coil.

In what sequence?

Arrangement sequence of brushless motor coil.

In what is the magnet?

Call magnetic material for high magnetic field strength, electric motor, using neodymium magnets.

In what is called electric potential?

Produced by the rotor cut magnetic lines, the direction and the external power supply on the contrary, it is called reverse electromotive force.

In what is the motor?

When the motor is working, the rotating magnet coil and commutator, and the brush does not turn, alternating current direction of the coil is on with the motor rotating commutator and brush to complete. In the electric vehicle industry brush motor is divided into high-speed brush motor and low-speed brush motor. Brush motor and brushless motor have many differences, words can be seen from the brush motor carbon brush, brushless motor without brush.

In what is the low speed motor? What are the characteristics?

In the electric vehicle industry, low-speed brush motor refers to the wheel type low-speed high torque brushless DC brushless motor drive, motor stator and rotor relative speed is the speed of the wheel. The stator magnet 5~7, rotor armature slot number is 39~57. Because the armature winding is fixed in the shell of the wheel, the heat is easy to be circulated by the rotating shell. Rotary casing and woven with 36 spokes, better heat conduction.

In the motor characteristics of the tooth brush?

Brush motor because there is an electric brush, the main hidden danger is the "brush wear", the user should pay attention to the brush motor is divided into two kinds of teeth and teeth. At present, many manufacturers choose to use a brush gear motor, it is a kind of high speed motor, the so-called "tooth" is through the gear reduction mechanism, the speed is lower (by national standard electric vehicles shall not exceed 20 kilometers per hour, so the motor speed should be at 170 revolutions per minute).

Because it is a high speed motor through the gear reducer, which is started when the riders feel powerful, and climbing ability. But the electric hub is closed, just before leaving the factory with lubricant, it is difficult for users to perform routine maintenance, and the gear itself has mechanical wear, about a year due to lack of lubrication in gear wear, noise increases, the current increases when in use, effect of motor and battery life.

In what is the brushless motor?

Since the controller provides direct current with different current directions, the alternating current direction of the coil in the motor is achieved. No brush and commutator between rotor and stator brushless motor.

How to realize the phase change in the motor?

When the brushless or brush motor rotates, the direction of the coil of the motor is alternately changed, so that the motor can rotate continuously. The commutation of the brush motor is completed by the phase changing device and the electric brush, and the brushless motor is completed by a controller

In what is missing?

In the three-phase circuit of brushless motor or brushless controller, there is a phase difference

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