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 China-made electrical and mechanical "going out" is facing uncertainties

China-made electrical and mechanical "going out" is facing uncertainties
After a few months of low growth, the second half of China's mechanical and electrical products began to resume rapid growth momentum. From the 116th Canton Fair learned that, while exports continue to pick up, but the current slow recovery in the international economy, exchange rate fluctuations and trade friction is still China's mechanical and electrical products "going out" is facing major uncertainties.

China Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China's current trade in Europe and the United States steady growth in machinery and electronics, but with Asia and emerging market trade growth down. From the trade perspective, the general trade is to replace the processing trade as the main driving force for the growth of import and export of electromechanical products, trade patterns continue to optimize. From the product category, the growth rate of electronic information products dropped significantly, the overall growth of machinery products.
In the overall situation to pick up at the same time, mechanical and electrical products exports are still facing some challenges of uncertainty factors. Some enterprises reflect the international situation is still grim, the world's major economies, the pace of recovery is inconsistent, frequent trade friction, the product gradually to high-tech and independent intellectual property products, heavy sensitive cases were multiple trend.
"The labor costs are increasing year by year, the market competition is more intense, and the export is facing the trade barrier set by the EU market, resulting in a sharp drop in the EU export market, and the export gross profit is only 1 to 2 points," said Xiang Tao, the overseas marketing manager of Jiangsu Chunhua Jiajia Electric Appliances. , And sometimes to protect the orders.
Some enterprises also reflected that this year the state has introduced a number of steady growth measures to promote foreign trade development. With the gradual implementation of favorable policies, foreign trade stabilized recovery trend is expected to continue.
In addition, the construction of the free trade area is also conducive to further develop China's machinery and electronic products, foreign trade channels, while "along the way" strategy will also promote China's rail transportation, communications equipment and other large complete sets of equipment "going out."


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