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Domestic motor manufacturers how to seize the opportunity


 Domestic motor manufacturers how to seize the opportunity

Since 2012, Asia replaced Europe as the leader in the motor control consumer market, China's motor market has maintained a rapid growth momentum, from 2012 global motor control sales 27% in 2013 to nearly 40%, China is Becoming a motor control in the global scope of a gradually forming market.
The above data are only related to the spending power of the motor, talking about the development and production of the motor, really take the bulk of the number of manufacturers in Europe and Japan, which is more famous, there are Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens and so on. According to statistics, in the motor GMC general motion control market, European and Japanese manufacturers accounted for half of the share, while China is only about 20% of the proportion, CNC motion control market is exactly the same.
All along, due to technical constraints, China's motor manufacturers are concerned about the low-end market, which led to the domestic market more and more crowded, but there will be progress in competition, along with the domestic manufacturers of a fight is China's motor market And gradually to the mid-range, which also means that the original occupy the mid-market Japanese manufacturers will inevitably be a huge impact on its market share is indeed declining year by year.
In any case, the future of China's motor control market is still a bright future, as domestic manufacturers, how to catch this ride, you have to look at the vision and ability, and in the past, the third industrial computer and embedded System development sub-forum, from the IHS's senior analyst Zhou million wood in this regard for domestic manufacturers to provide a good proposal.
Zhou million wood that you really want to develop in the motor market and do something, nothing but two directions: to do wide or thin. Wide to do specifically refers to the scope of business can be extended from a single product to sell to provide the appropriate solution, and thin fact is to learn from European manufacturers, learn to dig deep market segments. Domestic motor manufacturers focus on most of the current focus on the downstream industry, such as the field of servo motors, which, Mr. Zhou stressed that the downstream industry you want to break through the bottleneck, intelligent equipment such as intelligent stepper motor drive, intelligent stepping servo will be a good The industrial robot is a good cake. Laser Phototypesetter output film.

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