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Motor industry focus on improving motor energy efficiency


 Motor industry focus on improving motor energy efficiency

Last year in August, the Ministry of Industry and Energy and Comprehensive Utilization Division announced that the nationwide formal implementation of the motor energy efficiency improvement plan. The motor industry has set up a motor energy efficiency industry alliance, and adopted the "motor energy efficiency to enhance industry alliance statute."
In the process of implementing and improving the energy efficiency plan of the motor, the negotiation and transformation of individual projects are high in costs and obstacles. The establishment of the motor energy efficiency promotion industry alliance is conducive to the innovation operation mechanism. The integration of the motor manufacturing enterprises, contract energy management companies, energy saving diagnosis institutions, Credit institutions and other units to provide diagnosis, program design, financing, transformation, construction, acceptance and other integrated system solutions. The Ministry of Industry and Energy Division Director Liu Wenqiang comprehensive energy efficiency in the country a few days ago to enhance the industry alliance to set up the General Assembly pointed out.
In order to complete and improve the energy efficiency of generator and energy conservation of motor system, we eliminated the inefficient in-use motor, promoted high-efficiency motor and motor industry, and set up the motor energy efficiency industry alliance and passed the regulation of motor energy efficiency upgrading industry alliance. Can be seen that China has the energy efficiency of the motor as the focus of industrial energy task, the future development of energy efficient motor manufacturing industry will be more robust and targeted.
Energy efficient motor market gradually heavy volume
At present, the industrial electricity consumption accounts for about 75% of the total industrial electricity consumption, electrical energy saving has become the key to industrial energy. With the energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection of the dual pressure to efficient motor as the representative of the energy-saving equipment in the market concern.
Efficient motor is a general-purpose motor with high efficiency motor. Efficient motor uses new motor design, new technology and new materials, by reducing the electromagnetic energy, heat and mechanical energy loss, improve output efficiency. Compared with the standard motor, the use of high efficiency motor energy saving effect is very obvious, usually the efficiency can be an average of 4%.
China as early as 2008 will be included in the energy-saving motor system, one of the top ten energy-saving projects in 2009 again efficient and ultra-efficient motor applications included in the project. At the beginning of last year, the introduction of the "national motor energy efficiency improvement plan", the plan mentioned in 2015, China's motor product upgrading, 50% of the low-voltage three-phase cage induction motor products, 40% of high-voltage motor products to achieve high efficiency Motor energy efficiency standards; accumulated to promote efficient motor 170 million kilowatts, out of inefficient motor 160 million kilowatts, the implementation of motor system energy-saving technological transformation of 100 million kilowatts, the implementation of motor re-manufacturing efficiency of 20 million kilowatts. Is expected to achieve savings of 80 billion kwh in 2015, equivalent to energy-saving 26 million tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide emissions 68 million tons.
Last year in August, the Ministry of Industry and Energy and Comprehensive Utilization Division announced that the nationwide formal implementation of the motor energy efficiency improvement plan. The plan to be used for 3 years to enhance the national energy efficiency of motor and promote the transformation and upgrading of the electrical industry. The annual consumption of more than 10 million kwh of more than 30,000 industrial enterprises will be the focus of the implementation of the program object.
Industry analysis, according to estimates, this time the plan will lead to efficient motor and related equipment needs close to 100 billion yuan. With the promotion of energy efficiency improvement plan, the market demand for high-efficiency motor will gradually release, increasing year by year.
Now Europe and the United States and other developed countries engaged in the production of traditional motor business has been less and less, China's motor companies are likely to become their importers. Domestic stock of existing motor in the proportion of less than 5% efficient motor, the production of high efficiency motors are mainly sold abroad. At the same time, the proportion of high-efficiency motors in China is currently only 23% to 25% .A highly efficient energy-saving motor manufacturer told reporters.
The energy efficiency of the motor shortens the gap with foreign countries
China has gradually become a large motor manufacturing country, mastered the efficient and ultra-efficient energy-saving motor production technology, but the whole, industry competitiveness is still weak. Large amount of motor, low energy efficiency.
At present, China's overall energy efficiency level and abroad there is a big gap, especially the motor, transformers and other energy-consuming equipment, energy use, the amount of large area of application, the annual electricity consumption by the motor accounts for 64% of society, The field of motor energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of the total electricity consumption in industrial areas, the energy consumption of the motor system and abroad than the difference is more about 15% to 20%. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Energy and Comprehensive Utilization Deputy Director Gao Dongsheng has said.
In accordance with GB18613-2012 standards, China's current production and use of motor is less than the standard requirements of the three energy-efficient motor. The average efficiency of 87%, while the developed countries have already implemented efficient motor efficiency has reached more than 91%. In addition, from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology statistics show that the current domestic motor in the proportion of high-efficiency motor is only about 5%.
Domestic well-known motor expert Tang Renyuan academician has pointed out: In recent years, although China's high-efficiency motor research and development with the international level of basic synchronization, technological progress is very optimistic. But unfortunately our country production IE3 motor domestic application too little, mostly for export. Is not difficult to see that China's high efficiency in the motor there is still a huge challenge.
The future, on the one hand to carry out the motor and its system of energy-saving technology research, such as the development of efficient energy-saving motor; efficient fan, pump, compressor system; efficient transmission system; motor system of matching; motor system energy saving system integration program. On the other hand to develop energy-saving motor system-related guidelines, standards, such as system energy-saving guidelines, special field motor system energy-saving testing, evaluation criteria. In addition, the establishment of energy-saving motor system certification bodies, such as market access certification, energy-saving product certification, various types of energy efficient motor system certification. National Small and Medium Electrical and Systems Engineering Technology Research Center, said Chen Wei.

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