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Mechanical and electrical industry will drive


 Mechanical and electrical industry will drive bilateral trade volume to rise further

From the Russian Chamber of Commerce was informed that mechanical and electrical products currently occupy China's exports to Russia, "half of the country."
According to the statistics of the China-Russia Chamber of Commerce for Electrical and Mechanical Services, in the first five months of this year, China's export of electromechanical products to Russia was 9.28 billion US dollars, up 5.6 percent year on year, while the Chinese side imported electromechanical products from Russia at 220 million dollars, up 94.8 percent year on year. Metal stamping equipment, nuclear power units and other advantages of mechanical and electrical products in Russia showed a significant growth trend. Experts believe that the mechanical and electrical industry will drive bilateral trade volume to rise further to enhance the level of cooperation play an important role.
China-Russia Electrical and Mechanical Chamber of Commerce 1 members of the General Assembly in the first China - Russia Expo held. More than 200 representatives of the two sides members of the participants, involving automobiles, ships, aviation, aerospace, power, petrochemical, metallurgical, engineering machinery, home appliances, electronics, engineering contracting and other fields.
In addition, in order to further promote the full range of Sino-Russian education exchanges and cooperation, the China-Russia University Presidents Forum opened in Harbin on the 2nd, more than 30 universities from the two countries around the "adaptation of China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperation needs elite talent training" Theme for discussion.
As an important activity to build Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation, the Russian regional promotion day has been held for more than 20 years continuously. During the first Sino-Russian Expo, hundreds of enterprises from both countries participated in the activity.
The governor of Heilongjiang Province, Lu Hao, said that China and Russia are not familiar with policies and regulations, business models and investment barriers. However, China and Russia hold "regional day" activities to clarify these policies and regulations A good opportunity.
Acting governor of the Russian Primorsky Territory. symbol. Mikrushefsky said that in 2013 the region from China's investment more than tripled, the current Chinese investment of 72.5 million US dollars, there are more than 300 Chinese-invested enterprises, accounting for the number of coastal foreign frontier investment enterprises half.
As an important opportunity to enhance understanding, he believes that the Expo will become the two sides to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of investment a real leap. "We should use this opportunity to solve the problems facing our region's development and enhance economic ties."

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