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puzzle that plagued the disabled for a century


For the disabled

Crutches, wheelchairs, that's what they say

Third legs"

Only rely on crutches, wheelchairs

People with disabilities can feel it

A beautiful world outside


Even the most advanced wheelchair now

There is no way to automatically go up and down stairs

For disabled people

An ordinary staircase

It is difficult to climb a ladder

But not necessarily later

Recently, Hei hei see

Foreign teams have developed a name for

Scewo self balancing intelligent wheelchair

Scewo self balancing intelligent wheelchair


It is unique in its ability to walk up and down the stairs

Help the disabled or the elderly who are not active

Travel more freely

Scewo overall design is very modern

Match its humanized intelligent control panel

It looks full of Technology

How the hell did it climb the stairs?

Mainly because of the two tracks under the seat

When the user switches from flat mode to stair climbing mode

The two tracks fall to the ground

Instead of large wheels as the main means of travel

And in the process of climbing stairs

Scewo will constantly adjust the angle and change the center of gravity

Keep the wheelchair in a horizontal state

Climb the stairs at a pace of one second

(users can also control themselves)

When the sensor detects the top of the staircase

Scewo will be like an airplane landing

Automatically release stabilizer wheel to prevent wheelchair turning over

Until the overall level of safety is on the ground

Fold the stabilizer wheel

It is worth mentioning that

The whole process is completely automated!

Except climbing the stairs

The tank track design for this cargo

You can also easily cope with snow, gravel and other bad road conditions

Or easily cross over obstacles......

(snow March)

(automatic down bus)

So powerful!

While driving on the flat

Automatic balancing technology for Scewo

The wheelchair is balanced at high speeds

Ensure user safety

At the same time, the Scewo can rise vertically

Enables users to head up to their conversation objects

Convenient for two people during the conversation

Maintain more comfortable eye contact

Overlooking the beautiful scenery

After reading

Hey, really was deeply impressed

It's not just a black tech product

It is also full of humanistic care

That's the real thing

Intelligent technology, warm life

You're sure to think it's a black tech product

Are some of the big Google companies doing it?

Originally, Hei hei also thought it was

But check out the production team


Designed to develop this product is

5 Swiss graduate students

(team backbone member Thomas)

They come from

Federal Institute of technology, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich Academy of Fine Arts

They are from a media market survey

Come to know

In the centre of London

For the average man

It's only 2 minutes' walk from Beck street to Pound Street

It may cost more than half an hour for wheelchair users

Maybe there are 2 disabled people on the team

And the original idea of this product

It's from their graduation thesis

They want to pass their own knowledge

Travel problems that change themselves and more people with disabilities

That's why we designed Scewo

My Swiss College student!

(Scewo overall R & D, manufacturing process)

At present, the wheelchair prototype has been basically completed

The team is looking for more financial support

The goal is to complete the product by the end of 2018 and launch it in the market

Hey, but very look forward to it!

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