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The twenty-seventh China International Bicycle Exhibition


The twenty-seventh China International Bicycle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China Exhibition") was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on May 2017 6-9. The total exhibition area of 150 thousand square meters, 6550 standard booths, attracted 1226 enterprises in more than 20 countries and regions around the world come to the exhibition. "Innovation, intelligence, linkage" is the theme of this exhibition.

China is the world bicycle production and export country, 2016 bicycle production was 80 million 50 thousand, exports 57 million 566 thousand units, exports amounted to $3 billion 90 million, accounting for more than 60% of the world trade volume of bicycle. China has made a great contribution to the development of the world's green transportation. At present, China's bicycle industry is in the stage of transformation and upgrading, and its development direction and China's "innovation, coordination, green, open, shared" five development concepts correspond.

Throughout the audience, this year's China exhibition has four major aspects.

First, the collection of world quality, show Chinese style

The same with the previous exhibition, this exhibition is the biggest bright spot is still in the innovation demonstration hall, exhibition area shows each exhibits are a year emerged the most creative boutique, exhibits through application of new design, new technology and new materials, to promote bicycle design R & D transformation, exploration a broader industrial development road. Browsing the innovation demonstration Pavilion is like seeing the essence of the Chinese exhibition.

The environment, traffic problems have become the focus of the world, the bicycle has become one of the preferred means of transport with green, leisure health concept increasingly popular, cycling movement swept the world, the bicycle industry has attracted more and more attention, the industry's strong brands have also cross into the bicycle industry.

Millet companies invest in science and technology, so that the latter become millet ecological chain enterprise, responsible for the direction of life and travel intelligent hardware, product development and ecological layout. Ride on Technology in this exhibition in China, will show the meter home riding power assisted folding car EF1. The Volkswagen Group will also reach out into the bicycle industry, the Chinese exhibition site, joykie brought "high quality public bicycle" brand, let the audience feel the "popular" brand of advanced design concepts and excellent performance of the vehicle.

The European well-known motorcycle brand benagli (Benelli), is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, this classic motorcycle brand started cross-border bicycle industry production, full of creative design lithium bike. This time, Benali will show both the appearance and performance of the Navigator lithium battery wagon in the Chinese exhibition.

Since last year, sharing bicycles has become a hot topic in the whole country. It has promoted the return of bicycles to cities and has become the hottest topic in the industry. Today, shared bike operators are rushing to china. According to statistics, v-mobile, ofo, blue (bluegogo), Zeebike, and cloud Xiaoming cycling, rent sharing multiple shared electric cars and other eight bicycle brand will be in the China exhibition display skills to the full display of brand image. The blue bicycle new conference will be held in Chinese exhibition, showing their launch of the safe and comfortable, ergonomic have a range of children's bike sharing.

Two, hundreds of words, looking for new ways of development

This exhibition has opened a number of industry forums and new product launches, including riding culture, micro forums, sharing bicycles, micro forums, new products and new strategy release, etc.. In the Forum on bicycle and urban development, this year's theme of "bicycle sharing with cities" will be a hot topic. By then, the major sharing bicycles will be presented in this theme exhibition, and the new style of exhibition and the high heat of the topic will be highly regarded at the exhibition.

In the exhibition hall of the North Hall held two rounds of the second season all star micro forum, Xiaoming cycling, cycling, cycling, and blue ofo worship "bicycle large coffee" bicycle will share the future development of their respective views. In addition, the scholars and the relevant government departments, spokesman for the Association spokesman from all walks of life, will also share the bicycle theme each one airs his own views on its future development direction, explore.

Three, lithium battery car, set up environmental protection concept

At present, the domestic power lithium battery industry is in a stage of rapid development, which will undoubtedly bring great impetus to the transformation and upgrading of electric bicycles. This "China Exhibition" will allow you to experience the vitality of a green and new energy industry!

The Chinese exhibition attracted a large number of lithium electric bicycle and spare parts enterprises and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition, showing the new lithium battery with high technology content, fully demonstrate the core competitiveness.

As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, Emma has always been committed to creating more convenient, more environmentally friendly, more fashionable travel tools for consumers around the world. Emma in lithium, trams and other new products to ensure investment and research and development, and its lithium tram are designed and manufactured in accordance with European standards, and has passed the European standard certification.

Taiwan bell electric car is one of the well-known brands of electric vehicles. This year the first time to participate in China exhibition, will carry ECSC70R01 this new type of lithium tram to China exhibition, the car's battery is placed in the saddle tube parts, design is very clever.

In addition to the domestic lithium battery enterprises, overseas high-end brands have landed Chinese exhibition lithium. This year, in the production of lithium bike based Swiss Stromer brand debut in Chinese exhibition. Stromer lithium bike is equipped with the latest digital technology, fully integrated user interface. Pure design, combined with its extremely powerful motor, makes it an undisputed leader of the market.

The lithium bike vehicle performance

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