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Electric folding wheelchairs E wheelchair


The function of the compensation cabinet is: the current lead voltage is ninety degrees, the capacitor is connected in parallel to improve the line voltage and reduce the reactive power loss.

Capacitor open: open should first check the switch, the circuit breaker is closed, and then the door shut, the door of torsion in the closed position, the confirmation, the knife switch is closed.

Stop when the order is: the reactive power controller is set to manual operation, the use of manual turn key, the capacitor order all exit, and then the knife switch, load switch is opened, to prevent the occurrence of accidents arc.

Capacitor compensation cabinet which is all the compensation capacitor and contactor, that is, it is the use of capacitive phase shifting principle to compensate the reactive power loss. General power failure or power supply without operation, it can be opened and closed with the total power of parallel operation. As long as the general attention to check at any time there is no leakage inside the capacitor or abnormal sound, etc..

Capacitor compensation cabinet is the use of capacitor capacitance to compensate inductance load impedance.

Reduce reactive current, achieve energy saving effect.

By using the power factor meter, by the number of switching capacitors, the power factor reaches or approaches 1, the capacitor cabinet is normal.

How to calculate the capacitance of the capacitor for reactive power compensation

Reactive compensation capacitance capacity of the transformer capacity of 1/3, the unit KVA KVAR, such as the transformer for 200KVA compensation capacitor capacity of 60-80KVAR.

For compensating reactive current generator, generator can be used to reduce the workload, increase the generator capacity, can reduce the power consumption, saving the factory industrial power, improve power quality and supply capacity of power supply equipment.

Working principle of capacitor cabinet

Electrical equipment in addition to resistive loads, most electrical equipments are perceptual load (such as fluorescent lamps, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment) the inductive load, the power supply voltage phase change (i.e., the current lags behind the voltage, so the voltage fluctuation), reactive power increases, large electric energy waste. When the power factor is too low, so that the power supply output current is too large and the phenomenon of overload.

The capacitance of the capacitor compensation cabinet can solve the above problems, which can be set automatically according to the change of the load. The capacity of the input, the current compensation, thereby reducing a large number of reactive current, so that the line energy loss to a minimum, to provide a high-quality power source. Capacitor compensation technology is widely used in industrial production of AC asynchronous motor, electric welding machine, electromagnetic power frequency heater guide device is inductive load.

These inductive loads in the process of energy conversion, so that the voltage on the advance of the current on an angle. The cosine of the angle, called the power factor, the current (the current flows through the coil resistance and inductance of the active component) can be decomposed into the same phase with the voltage and reactive power voltage behind 90 degrees.

The reactive component is called the reactive current. The power corresponding to the inductive reactive current is called the inductive reactive power. When the power factor is very low, that is, when the reactive power is very large, there will be the following hazards: the growth line current to increase the line loss, waste of electricity.

As the line current increases, the voltage can be reduced to affect the use of equipment. On the transformer, the greater the reactive power, then the power supply bureau of the electricity tariff charged more expensive, when the power factor is less than 0.7, the power supply bureau can refuse power supply. For the generator, the 310KW generator is taken as an example.

Rated power 310KW generator is 280KW, rated current is 530A, when the load power factor 0.6 power = 380 x 530 x 1.732 x 0.6 = 210KW can be seen from the load of 530A diesel engine, some units easily, while the electric ball to overwhelmed, such as load increase is required to open a generator. Plus access capacitor compensation cabinet, so that the power factor of 0.96, the same 210KW load.

The current =210000/ (380x1.732x0.96) =332A after the compensation current is reduced by nearly 200A, diesel engine and electric ball are quite relaxed, and then increase the part load can bear, do not need to add a generator that can save a lot of diesel. Also let the rest of the rest of the crew. As can be seen from the above, the economic benefits of capacitance compensation is considerable, and it is an important member in the low-voltage distribution system.

The simplest dynamic compensation, and the difference between static compensation only on the capacitor switch. Dynamic silicon controlled, static contactor (or compound switch). Of course, there are different sampling methods and speed.

To put it simply: you change the compensator into a dynamic compensator, and replace the contactor with a thyristor.

But it's dangerous because there are many technical requirements to consider. So dynamic compensation technology to complex according to the measured power factor (F), when F is less than 1 (0.97), started a relay parallel compensation capacitor, when more than 1 when removing a compensation capacitor starting relay.

A current transformer is arranged on the A phase of the two side outlet of the transformer, and the controller adopts the A phase current signal to compare with the power factor of the power network.

Electric folding wheelchairs

E wheelchair

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